Coloradas, Rio Lagartos

Coloradas, Rio Lagartos

Ek Balam, possessor of majestic constructions hidden among large trees, is a site different from all those in the Mayan area and does not resemble any other known archaeological site. The main site has been called the Acropolis which is a very fortified elevation, and at 160 meters long by almost 70 wide and 31 high, it is classified among the largest buildings in Yucatan. Valladolid, considered a Magical Town, its perfect layout and its old houses painted in the colors of their skies will take you into an ethereal bubble, where time barely runs and the past merges with the present.

  • 2 people $ 2,800.00
  • 3 people $ 3,300.00
  • 5 people $ 4,300.00

(This tour does not include the entrance to the archaeological zone, please check the prices with the reception staff).

All tours include private transportation with driver, snacks and bottles of water on the way to the tourist attractions. The visiting time is governed according to the stipulated schedule of the attractions. It is recommended that the guest decide the time of departure and return.

The tours do not include guide and drinks.

The departure time for the tours is recommended at 9:00 a.m., although the guest can determine the departure time.

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