Dzibilchaltún means in the Mayan language Place where there is writing on the stones, alluding to the numerous commemorative tombstones found at the site, also called stelae. According to experts, there were settlements from the year 500 BC, it is possible that, from before, and lasted until the conquest of the Spanish around the year 1540 AD The archaeo-astronomical phenomenon of the equinox occurs in Dzibilchaltún, on March 21 and 21 September, at dawn, when the door of the Temple of the Seven Dolls is illuminated with the radiance of the Sun that appears on the horizon and, at a certain moment, the celestial disk is in the center of the door and creates a show of light and shadow on the west facade. These days, you can see the incredible precision of Mayan astronomy integrated into its architecture. The Mayans used the sun as a basis for planning their lives because they depended on agriculture. With the spring equinox they began the sowing and with the autumn equinox the harvest.

  • 2 people $ 2,350.00
  • 3 people $ 2,650.00
  • 5 people $ 3,350.00

(This tour does not include the entrance to the archaeological zone and the corchito park, please check the prices with the reception staff).

All tours include private transportation with driver, snacks and bottles of water on the way to the tourist attractions. The visiting time is governed according to the stipulated schedule of the attractions. It is recommended that the guest decide the time of departure and return.

The tours do not include guide and drinks.

The departure time for the tours is recommended at 9:00 a.m., although the guest can determine the departure time.

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