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If you come to Mérida don't forget to visit the following places, you won't regret it:

  • Take a walking tour of the famous Paseo Montejo, the longest (just over 5 km) and beautiful avenue in Mérida. Admire its old mansions that date back to the colonial era and the Porfiriato. They will surprise you!
  • Take a ride in a Calandria (a type of horse-drawn carriage) through the main streets of the Historic Center of the city; It will allow you to see, from another angle, various buildings, monuments and squares of the “white capital”.
  • Get to know the Cantón Palace, a spectacular Neoclassical-style building that, today, houses the Regional Museum, with its fantastic collection of pieces from the Mayan culture.
  • On the same Paseo Montejo, admire the imposing Monument to the Homeland. Don't miss any detail of each of his engravings that evoke different moments in the history of Mexico and that of Yucatán in particular.
  • In the center of the city, admire the façade of the famous Montejo Palace or house, ordered to be built by the conqueror of the region, Francisco de Montejo, towards the second half of the 16th century. Today, this building is home to an elegant museum sponsored by Fomento Cultural Banamex.
  • Visit the Cathedral of San Ildefonso, which recently had spectacular lighting that, as night falls, allows spectators to admire its beautiful architectural details even better.
  • Eat a marquesita of queso de pelota or peanut butter in any of the public squares and parks located in the downtown area of Mérida.
  • Visit the Macay Museum, located next to the Cathedral. Admire its magnificent collections of art objects ranging from Mayan pieces to complex artistic expressions such as graphics, concept paintings, watercolors and digital art!
  • Savor the best of Yucatecan cuisine (panuchos, salbutes, lime soup, cochinita pibil, among other delicious dishes) in the different restaurants located in the first square of “white” Mérida. We recommend you visit Los Almendros, a traditional establishment located around La Mejorada Park.
  • Get on the Turibus that, with stops at various strategic points in the city, will allow you to get to know different corners of the capital while you take the funniest photos in the company of your partner, friends or family. They will surely have fun!


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Ontico Urban Design Hotel

The 4-star ÓNTICO Urban Design Hotel fuses contemporary design with the colonial essence of Mérida, offering personalized service and spaces for rest and relaxation. technology. Located near emblematic places, such as the cathedral and the main square. Rooms have modern amenities, including air conditioning and satellite TV, and the hotel offers continental breakfast and services for business travelers, such as meeting rooms and a business center. The location close to the airport and convention center makes it a convenient option for business travelers.

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