In Izamal you will step on the city of the Three Cultures, since there the vestiges of its pre-Hispanic origin, the trace of its colonial past and the forcefulness of its present as the only inhabited ceremonial center coexist in harmony.

You will be able to admire the ocher yellow and the white that for the izamaleños is a way of conserving their light and projecting it towards the future; You can be a participant in Izamal and its culture at the sound of the footsteps of the horses that take you on a carriage. Accompanied by the luminosity of the Archaeological Zone of Izamal where you will discover why Izamal was baptized like this: dew of the sky.

  • 2 people $ 2,100.00
  • 3 people $ 2,400.00
  • 5 people $ 3,000.00

All tours include private transportation with driver, snacks and bottles of water on the way to the tourist attractions. The visiting time is governed according to the stipulated schedule of the attractions. It is recommended that the guest decide the time of departure and return.

The tours do not include guide and drinks.

The departure time for the tours is recommended at 9:00 a.m., although the guest can determine the departure time.

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